Chain Reaction Character Scholarships

Chain Reaction Movement character scholarships are awarded to students who have made a significant difference in their school and community by exhibiting exceptional character through acts of kindness, compassion, leadership and integrity.  Most scholarships in Bermuda recognize academic achievements, however Chain Reaction understands that character is the foundation on which academic success is built. 


Recipients must be part of a Chain Reaction Movement Action Team and will be nominated by a selection committee made up of teachers, administrators, and a member of the Chain Reaction Board.  Up to five $1,000 awards will be made at the end of each school year in the month of June.  The recipient must be enrolled as a student of the school; obtain a passing GPA; and demonstrate quantitative evidence of acts of kindness in their school and community.


Recipients must use these scholarships to further their leadership training through leadership conferences or a humanitarian project.  It has been proven that students that participate in community endeavors become responsible citizens and influential agents for change in their community.


In addition to Character Scholarships, statistics show that teens that have positive adults involved in their lives on a regular basis are less likely to drop out of schools, and/or join a gang, and or get involved in illegal activity, but are more likely to stay in school and reach their goals.  Hence we encourage teens to join a positive youth group in their community, church, or school.