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Character Scholarships 

Chain Reaction Bermuda character scholarships are awarded to students who have made a significant difference in their school and community by exhibiting exceptional character through acts of kindness, compassion, leadership and integrity.  Most scholarships in Bermuda recognize academic achievements, however Chain Reaction understands that character is the foundation on which academic success is built.  


The recipients must be part of Chain Reaction Bermuda Clubs and nominated by a selection committee made up of teachers, administrators and CRM board. Scholarships must be used toward further character development in the areas of humanitarian endeavors, leadership development or educational advancement.


Scholarship Recipients 

Perinchief Precious DSC_4784.JPG

Cedarbridge Academy - Precious Perinchief - 2014-2015

"Precious is an extremely resilient individual that has demonstrated the ability to problem solve in difficult situations. She has grown into a mature and responsible young lady that is always willing to help where she is needed and can lend her organizational expertise. Precious possesses leadership qualities and is an influence to her peers around her.

Precious returned to CedarBridge Academy in September 2013-14 with an attitude of success and determination to do well in her studies.  During times in which I  have asked her to bring in innovative ideas and activities for the Chain Reaction program (a program geared to create an atmosphere of kindness with our school), she was always prepared and open to critiques which allowed her to progress academically and assisted greatly with all Chain Reaction projects.  She is extremely co-operative and holds the capacity to contribute positively while working as a part of a team.

Most recently, Precious has been able to add honour student for Term 1 to her portfoilio. This was a great achievement for her and her mother. She is a hard worker and is always ready to improve in any area required to get her to the next level in her studies and life.

This year, Precious had the opportunity to work directly with myself and other members of staff as a leader of the Target Letter team.   We have been wowed by Precious’ talent and commitment.  Overall, Precious is a pleasure to work with: her talent, dedication, determination, passion, enthusiasm and good nature will make her an excellent candidate to work in and be a part of any professional environment.  I believe that she will go far in any opportunity that she pursues. "


Berkeley Institute -Quincee' Dill - 2014-2015

John Dewey stated, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

In my four years at The Berkeley Institute, I have lived by this quote, which in turn has shaped my vision for the future. I have learned that by keeping education at the forefront of my life, success will be in my future regardless of the career path I choose. Currently in my senior year of high school, I have decided to pursue a career within the Performing Arts (namely acting), which I hope to achieve upon completion of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

 Over the course of my years, I have taken many courses that have allowed me to grow in knowledge about the arts and all that it involves. Between my first and second years I took and passed the GCSE Drama program. I was also granted an education and an award in video arts. I also learned much about music production and the technologybehind it. This puts me at a great advantage in my desired career path.

As previously stated, I would like to pursue a career in acting but hope to further my education by entering the field of psychology. By pairing my love of performing arts with psychology, I aspire to one day teach Drama in schools or establish a practice in Drama Therapy. By doing so, this will allow me to pass on the skills I have attained over the years, and make positive contributions back to society by using my talents. Dream big, believe in yourself and be kind to others are a few things that I learned while apart of Chain Reaction. Chain Reaction, also known as Rachel’s Challenge, is a program that challenges students like myself to start a chain reaction of kindness. For three years at the Berkeley Institute, I had the opportunity to become apart of both my school and local community, with the help of Chain Reaction.

 On several occasions, as a member of Chain Reaction, I had the chance to assist with the breakfast program at Victor Scott Primary School. The school’s breakfast program allows for children who are unable to grab breakfast at home before coming to school. Every Friday, a few members of the chain reaction team wake up a little earlier to go lend a helping hand. The experience in the breakfast program was impeccable, due to the fact that I spent a Friday with younger children every now and then.

Overall the Chain Reaction program aided me to grow as a kinder and stronger individual and as the young adult that I’ve become. I have been able to achieve honor role throughout the duration of my time at Berkeley and I have grown stronger to my love for acting, thanks to the positive influence, that Chain Reaction has sprung onto me. My passion to be kind and my future aspiration as an actor drive my willingness to succeed. As a result, everything that I aspire to be now, will eventually guide me to my ultimate goal of happiness.